Metal powder

Our m4p ™ metal powder materials meanwhile belong to the established alloys for additive manufacturing and therefore we call them as „standard materials“. These are available for all common machine systems.


m4p™ AlSi10Mg
m4p™ AlSi9Cu3
m4p™ AlSi7Mg
m4p™ PureAl
m4p™ StrengthAl


m4p™ CoF75


m4p™ 316l
m4p™ CH100-Fe
m4p™ CXplus
m4p™ Fe-2343
m4p™ Fe-2709
m4p™ Fe-4011
m4p™ Fe-4016
m4p™ Fe-4021
m4p™ Fe-4542
m4p™ Fe-4828
m4p™ Fe-7131
m4p™ Fe-7225
m4p™ Fe-CrMo1.
m4p™ FeSi6.5
m4p™ type13-X
m4p™ type62-DX
m4p™ type10-SDX


m4p™ CuNiSiCr
m4p™ Brz10 
m4p™ CuCrZr
m4p™ PureCu
m4p™ Al-Brz8.5
m4p™ CuZn42


m4p™ Ni-625
m4p™ Ni-718
m4p™ Ni-X


m4p™ Ti64 grade5
m4p™ Ti64 grade23

With our modern laboratory and our accredited laboratory partners we offer you fast and reliable material analyzes, as well as for your used powder material and your components

Further materials, which have already been realized  for AM process, you can find in our product list.

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We have already realized numerous special alloys and it is our pleasure to take care of your request confidently. The possibilities are varied.

Using inert gas atomization, almost all alloys can be powdered and there are other possibilities for powder coating, which perhaps could be the missing solution for your requirements.